subpagemy experience
30 March 2024
General information for those looking to hire my consultancy/freelance services.

If you need detail in what I've worked with and my general experience, you've come to the right place! This page includes a non-comprehensive list of technologies, programming languages, and software that I've worked with both presently and in the past.

(Software) Engineering & Design

As mentioned on the main page, I'm most proficient with JavaScript and tools within the JavaScript ecosystem - it's what got me into coding and web development. However, I also have experience with many other languages and various tools/toolchains. Below's a non-comprehensive list of what I've worked with in the past, along with my familiarity/proficiency with each.

Web frameworks
  • React: Proficient

  • Solid: Proficient

  • Vue: Advanced

  • Angular: Moderate

  • Astro: Basic

  • Django: Basic

Mockup tools
  • Adobe Xd: Proficient

  • Figma: Advanced

Machine Learning (ML)
  • PyTorch: Proficient

  • TensorFlow: Advanced

Other languages & tooling
  • Python: Proficient

  • Gleam: Advanced

  • Go: Advanced

  • Elixir: Moderate

  • C#: Moderate

  • Rust: Basic


I have varying levels of experience with creating and designing toolchains and cloud infrastructure. I interact with Linux systems on a daily basis, both at work and at home, where I run a homelab.

While most technologies listed below fall under infrastructure, I also have a deep understanding of/in various DevOps concepts and tools. However, I wanted to keep this list concise, so I've limited myself to the most important things to know.

OS/kernel technologies

Note: I have an advanced to proficient understanding of both operation and architecture of all technologies mentioned in this section.

  • UNIX (primarily Linux)
  • Windows NT / Server
  • RHEL / Enterprise Linux (non-current RHCSA, 2021)

  • Debian-based systems
Workflow & Virtualisation
  • Docker: Proficient (including compose)

  • Ansible: Advanced

  • KVM: Advanced


I've had brief stints in the creative industry, doing VFX and animation work at various internships and part-time jobs. As a result, I've picked up a decent amount of experience working with tools like Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya.

I'm also a hobbyist video editor, and I'm very proficient with popular NLEs (i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro).

Graphics Simulation
  • Autodesk Maya: Proficient

  • Unreal Engine (4/5): Advanced

  • Blender: Moderate

  • Unity Engine: Moderate

  • Godot: Basic

Video editing software
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Advanced/Proficient

  • DaVinci Resolve: Moderate

  • Avid Media Composer: Basic