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30 March 2024
General information for those looking to hire my consultancy/freelance services.
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Here's some key information in case you're looking to hire me as a consultant or a freelancer:

What types of consultancy do you do?

As mentioned in the main page, I have experience across the board when it comes to tech. However, I primarily provide web/UI design, software engineering, and DevOps consultancy.

Take a look at the experience subpage for more information on what I can do for you.

Who do you work with? Can I take a look at your work?

As a freelancer/consultant, I work with many individuals and businesses - sometimes in a team, other times individually. Many of my recent works are non-public, as I'm regularly hired to design or develop intuitive applications for private usage.

Outside of the web, I'm also occasionally hired as a DevOps engineer to create internal tooling and manage cloud infrastructure.

If you'd like to look at a few clients that I've worked with, take a look at my team's project portfolio (or take a look at some of the other stuff in the corner*). My open-source and source-available works can be found on my GitHub and Codeberg pages - those can be found on the home page.

This website is also a great reference as to what my capabilities are! I recreate this site regularly (much often before, but now once or twice a year) in order to showcase my capabilities and growth, and I often use it as a playground for new things that I'm trying. The footer has a direct link to the repository, just tap my name and it'll open up the GitHub mirror for this site!

How can I reach out to you?

Sold on what I can do for you? Shoot me an email. I usually have a few projects going on at once (not to mention my busy schedule), so I can't promise you that I'll get back in haste. I'll try to respond relatively quickly, though!