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30 March 2024 (last updated 7 April 2024)
Howdy there!

Howdy! My name's dani*. In my free time, I work as a web developer and UI designer, although I have experience across the board when it comes to tech. I work with various clients and businesses to design and develop for the web.

my skills!

As I said above, I have varying levels of experience across the board when it comes to tech. I have two strong suits, though: engineering/dev and DevOps (including infrastructure).

software engineering

As a developer (in web and in general), I've got a few programming languages under my belt.

First and foremost: I'm proficient in writing JavaScript/(some) TypeScript, and it's what got me into coding. I've both played with and used many web frameworks, such as:

  • Vue (Nuxt is awesome!)
  • Astro, which is extremely fast and awesome to work with
  • React is the framework that I'm most proficient with. This site is built on top of Next.js, a React SSR framework!

Outside of JavaScript, I'm also fluent in Python; I've worked a few gigs related to machine learning (ML) in the past, so learning how to use Python (including PyTorch and TensorFlow) was essential. I'm also okay at writing Go, Elixir, and Gleam code.

dev-ops & infrastructure

In addition to my software engineering experience, I have vast experience with Linux (on the server, on an embedded device, and on the desktop), and I've obtained various qualifications and certifications in the past. I'm most familiar with RHEL and its' derivative distributions (Enterprise Linux, including Rocky Linux, the late CentOS, and AlmaLinux), although I'm comfortable with other Linux ecosystems and UNIX systems in general.

I'm extremely familiar with OCI as well, as I regularly interact with Docker at work and Podman with my homelab. It's my preferred way to quickly spin up a developer environment for testing (or for production use in general)!

Outside of Linux and distributions, I have tonnes experience working with general DevOps; this includes CI/CD (i.e. Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, GitHub/GitLab Actions) and creating custom tools to leverage within the developer environment. I've previously architected various custom solutions to decrease as much developer friction as possible - I usually write these tools in Python, though I also turn to Go when I need to squeeze out efficiency (whilst still being able to prototype fast).

other things

Other than tech, I juggle school and a full-time job: I'm currently pursuing an engineering degree to eventually become a transport planner. I've always had an interest in public transit infrastructure. My ultimate aspiration is to take part in this process and help make key decisions in tomorrow's future in transportation.

When I'm relaxing, I'm generally stuffing my head in a book, tinkering with my homelab, or playing video games with friends. Right now, I'm really getting back into Cities: Skylines and I've recently done a replay of Hogwarts Legacy. I also love to travel and do recreational sport - being on a kayak or hiking out in the back country usually helps me escape from my swamp of work and studies.